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Martin Lonsky | APUtime

Dedicate only a specific time on a specific day for a specific project

7 months ago


This is essential for my use case. I hope you build it. Thanks!

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Norm Sash

Hi Martin, as we discussed in a chat, what I would like to see with this feature is the ability to add additional timeslots, and add 'labels' to those timeslots.

Then, any tasks that have the same label would be the only tasks that are considered for scheduling during those matching timeslots. This would give us a lot of flexibility in determining how a work schedule would be considered, and also what actually gets worked on during those time slots.

For example, I may want to make sure that I have some weekly focus applied to marketing activities. I could assign two timeslots a week and add the label "Marketing" to those timeslots. Then any task that has the label "Marketing" would be eligible for scheduling during those timeslots.

I don't want this determined at the 'project' level only... I want the ability to determine this at the task level.

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Miroslav SΓ‘zovskΓ½

I just had a question from a client today, "Can I tell APUtime that I only want to do certain projects on certain days of the week or certain months of the year?"

Do I understand correctly that it would be possible to tell APUtime to schedule only a certain project at a certain time, day, or even longer?

Other projects would not be taken into account.

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Martin Lonsky | APUtime

Perfect, because this is all about. Tell APUtime that some times are dedicated to the one project only.

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