Recurring after completition

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Martin Lonsky | APUtime

How can I create tasks automatically after completing previous ones?

1 year ago

Norm Sash

Additionally, a recurring task should not be created until the previous iteration of the task has been completed.

It makes no sense to keep creating a task if the previous iteration of that task hasn't yet been completed.

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Norm Sash

I'm checking in on this issue. Is there any thought of addressing the way recurring tasks are handled?

I must say (not to be rude) that I absolutely hate the way Aputime does recurring. It is so messed up IMO. it causes my Project dashboard to be totally cluttered with recurring "projects" that are not projects at all. They should just be a repeating task within a single project.

For example, a single task within a project that needs to be done once per day. Instead of just having the task repeat within the parent project, Aputime creates a whole new project every single day just for that one repeating task.

I don't work with any other project management software that doesn't allow a recurring task within a single project.

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Norm Sash

I hope the method of creating repeating tasks can be improved.

The way it is working right now is that I have to create a repeating Process Template for every task that I need (be it a single task or a full process of tasks.) Then, upon the recurring trigger a new project is created for that repeating process template.

So lets take an example of why this is just not working for me...

I have two projects... Project 1 and Project 2. Inside each project I have 5 individual tasks that need to be repeated daily. That means I have to create 10 process templates, each with just one task in it.

Then, every day the system will create 10 new projects to house the repeating tasks. These are all listed as separate projects on the Projects overview tab rather than being contained in the actual parent project that they are intended for.

After just 5 days I will have 52 projects listed on my Projects overview tab (the 2 "real" projects, and 50 projects created just to house the repeating task/process.)

This makes the Project tab cluttered and doesn't really reflect the proper organization. I can't go to the 'real' project (e.g. Project 1 or Project 2) and see the tasks for that project. Additionally metrics will be off for the project because the repeating tasks are considered to be new projects.

If I have a repeating task/process within a project, that task/process should be retained within the project, not be created as a new, standalone project.

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Norm Sash

Maybe this is an improvement idea over the way recurring 'tasks' are currently handled. For example, if I have a task that just needs to be done once per week, right now I have to define a 'Process Template' and then set that process template to "Periodicity".

That is kinda messy.

What I would rather have is the ability to convert any task into a recurring task. I have many standalone tasks to-be-done in a project. I would like to designate any of those tasks as recurring.

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Martin Lonsky | APUtime

This was discussed multiple times. It's often that recurring tasks become more complex in the future, and once you modify the recurring template, you don't need to set it again.

But, I definitely agree with the possibility of creating a recurring template internally from the task and allowing one to do it from the task without the need to create a template first. That's probably the solution.

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Miroslav SΓ‘zovskΓ½

That's an interesting idea 🀩. I take it I complete one task and the next one is automatically scheduled?

For example: in a process I have a scheduled task that needs to be done (send a report). Because this task is a regular task and needs to be done every day (every week, month, quarter, year) until the project is finished. Therefore, a new task is automatically created with the previous settings of the already completed one.

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Martin Lonsky | APUtime

Yes. It's more like a never-ending story. You finally complete something, and it comes again and again πŸ˜€ Nice feature.. frustrating maybe πŸ˜„

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Miroslav SΓ‘zovskΓ½

@Martin Lonsky | APUtime: For a marketing agency, this feature is a great tool. When we start a project for our client, we guarantee to deliver one article per week and 5 social media posts. The article includes a Google Ad. We negotiate a one-year contract and the client gets access to APUtime so they can see that we keep our word. Combined with the micro-processes, which are just like a link, this feature is a great thing that allows us to dynamically plan, organise and optimise all the projects we deliver to our clients as a marketing company.

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