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Martin Jurik | APUtime

It would be beneficial to inspire others with processes they have already created and work according to them. Many processes are similar, and it is timesaving to share them and modify them instead of making them from the scratch.

11 months ago

Miroslav SΓ‘zovskΓ½

I was just discussing with a client whether I should provide him with my processes that I have already done for creating podcasts. He was very pleased and appreciative of my work. He had no idea how many tasks had to be done to make the podcast whole and complete. I share this process map on my website:

Will the marketplace be a place for APUtime customers?

Will individual process maps be for sale?

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Martin Lonsky | APUtime

We have the intention to:

  • add APUtime managed processes
  • allow customers to share processes for free or for the commission
  • allow certified partners to sell well-made processes

There are multiple ideas to brainstorm.

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Martin Lonsky | APUtime

Process marketplace is an excellent starting point during onboarding.

  • Don't do what is already done.
  • Don't brainstorm on stuff people have already brainstormed before.
    ... pick a prepared solution.

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