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One of the features I like with Nifty PM is that I can easily forward an email to a project-specific email address (that Nifty PM has created for each project), and it will create a new TASK in the To Do for that project. It happens automatically, and is a native Nifty PM function.

Use case: 1:
This means that when I get an email from a client I can just forward this to the project's email address, and the TASK is created.

Use case 2:
I can have a project that is set in past time deadline, and add use that for following up NEW potential customers who has submitted a form on my site. This email from that form is sent directly to this project, and I get a TASK sitting in the top of my tasks, to follow up a potential client. This way my project management system can also work to help me sell more.

11 months ago

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