Can't set up unstfndard time


I can only ad tasks with 15-30-45-60 interval. If I would like ad 80 min and write 1:20, It changes to 1:15.
If I want to add 40 - it changes to 45 etc.
Please check. I would like to ad real time 😀

6 months ago

Martin Lonsky | APUtime

We need to conceptually change this. It rounds for 15 minutes, but at higher times it just should round for 5 minutes then. 15 is the minimum, but everything above 15 could round up to 5.

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Mal Sherlock

What is the reason for setting the minimum time unit to 15 minutes? Is there a particular constraint that prevents it from being lowered to 5 minutes? I ask because I have some projects that involve critical tasks that are quick but must be completed in a specific order. While it is possible to add these tasks as a list of requirements within a 15-minute time block, it is not ideal. While I understand the concept of 15-minute time blocks and like it, I wish there was an option to create a mini subprocess that goes beyond just the requirements list.

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Martin Lonsky | APUtime changed status to New

6 months ago

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