Can't assign deadline when creating task from Process canvas

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Norm Sash

Scenario: On the Process canvas, start creating a new task and remove any solvers on the task (to set it as a milestone). At this point the logical thing would be to assign a deadline date/time.

However, there is no ability to assign a deadline that I can find (the field doesn't exist in the task creation dialog.

If I save the Process canvas (which reverts the Process view and then I have to go looking for the task again), then edit the task, the deadline field is there. It's just not there during the task creation.

6 months ago

Martin Lonsky | APUtime

Hello Norm. If I understand correctly, we are missing possibility to set the deadline date when new task is added into an existing project in ProejctFormation. sure?

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Norm Sash

Hi Martin,
Entering a new task on the Project>Overview has a different dialog from creating a new task from Project>Process. See

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6 months ago

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