Button order on tasks seems wrong.

Norm Sash

This is a nit...

When in the Process view and a task is open in the right pane, the action buttons at the top seem to be out of order for a logical flow. The current button order is "To do", "Completed", "Working". That always throws me a little.

I think the button order should follow the logical flow of a task and be "To do", "Workinig", "Completed". (i.e. reversing the order of the "Completed" and "Workinig" buttons.

Also, right now there is only one action listed under the more "..." button, that being "Postpone". I'm sure that you have that set up that way in the event that more future actions will be added. But for now, since there is only one action listed under "...", could you just remove the "..." and just have a "Postpone" button?

6 months ago

Martin Lonsky | APUtime changed status to New

6 months ago

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