Always show the "select" checkbox, and make action icons consistent

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Norm Sash

When viewing Project > Tasks, there are task selection checkboxes, but they only show if you click the checkbox at the top of the task list. I would like the select checkbox to always show next to tasks to make it a lot easier to select several tasks at once.

Also, the action icons are not consistent across the different screens (e.g. the 'complete' icon is different in the task detail, vs the task active pane, vs the project task list.) The action icons should be consistent. Also, could the primary action icon (todo, working, completed, postponed) be shown next to all the tasks in the task list? Not just the "completed" action icon?


6 months ago

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6 months ago

Martin Lonsky | APUtime

Hello Norm.
You need to use long press for select activation.

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