Ability to deactivate availability of resources (vacations, days off, ...)

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Christophe HK

It would be useful to be able to either deactivate a resource between 2 dates, either to use a calendar view to manage the resources unavailability. As of today, we have to manually deactivate the availability, it works but can not be planned in the future.

10 months ago

Christophe HK

Hey Martin, the use case of using calendars does not work with APU : some scheduled tasks contain some meetings for resources, but if these meetings are taken into account, APU will consider resources not available during these meetings and will segment the tasks requiring meeting (and for which meeting are included in the estimate). So we really do need to be able to consider vacations / days off for resources within APU, that will be the most accurate way to manage their availability. Does it make sense for you ?

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Martin Lonsky | APUtime

Hello Christophe, is it something that works similarly to the allocation of busy status on calendars? That's currently possible to use calendars for this.

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9 months ago

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