A sync-integration with ClickUp

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I know this may be a far stretch, but I'd love a syncing integration with ClickUp (most of my clients use ClickUp), so everything created there that relates to me, will be synced (two-ways preferably) with Aputime...
This way I can maximize the power of Aputime and the AI "do this first" on ALL my projects and tasks from Aputime ❤︎ and not having to recreate everything and update here AND there.

11 months ago


I would so love this, this would be perfect for me too.

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Martin Lonsky | APUtime

Thank you, Clairre for the integration request.
I'm opening the discussion on how the integration should exactly work here.

We please all for elaboration on this. We need as many ideas as possible.

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Martin Lonsky | APUtime changed status to ❤️ Gathering votes

11 months ago

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🤝 Integration
🙏 Feature